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A LinkedIn share from Tony Powell – Migrating Birds of Land and Sea. Sometimes even they, need a rest!

There are a great many Social Media platforms upon which you can be active these days. In this instance, I bring to your attention, one of my published posts as Tony Powell over at LinkedIn concerning the often perilous journeys of Bird Migration.

Migrating Birds of Land and Sea. Sometimes even they, need a rest!

Let us hope the birds made it safely to lands afar and are now stuffing their little bellies full of Autumnal fruits and seeds and whatever their beaks can take. Take care now and enjoy the spectacle, courtesy of Martin Grimm and his Clever & Smarty YouTube channel 

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First proper signs of Autumn in the air

Just the other day I made a concerted effort to go to a networking event which is an unusual thing for me to do but needs must, I guess. In truth, I’m not an overly social being which is quite unlike those nomadic wanderers, Redwings (Turdus iliacus) which always tend to arrive around these parts at this time of the season.

Well, to cut a long-story short, into the wee early hours of Sunday 11th October after the above-mentioned event  I heard some Redwing calling (example calls provided by xeno-canto.org) overhead for the first time this Autumn. In reality I cannot be sure how many, probably only just a couple but they’ve arrived, yippee.

You can see from the chart below that their arrival dates in my patch have been very consistent during recent years.  As this was also at approximately one o’clock in the morning I feel I did quite well to be so observant at such an hour.

First Redwing of Autumn (locally) as of 2015

First Redwing of Autumn (locally) as of 2015

Click on the chart image above in order to access the datasets in full screen.

Best Wishes and Happy Redwing hunting amongst a plethora of other Autumnal delights.