Could it be a Waxwing winter?

Anybody with access to the various bird news services will be aware of the increasing numbers of these northern Vikings. As true inhabitants of arctic and subarctic lands, they only descend to our shores, upon failure of their favoured Rowan berry crop. Right now, Bohemian Waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus) are thinly spread across the United Kingdom. Should you wish to seek them, one should head to places with a rich abundance of exotic berries, such as Cotoneaster, Pyracanthus and the like. Unsurprisingly then, supermarket car parks are favoured locations, along with your own berry-laden back garden. Waxwings are renowned as voracious eaters and in Birds Britannica, it is quoted that an individual was on record as having eaten approximately 600 to 1000 berries, over the course of one sitting. Consequently, if you wish to see a flock of these delightful birds, you may have to be quick off the blocks.

*As ever, the images represented below, come courtesy of BWPi, published in association with

UKbirdingtimeline – courtesy of Tony William Powell on Google+

9 responses to “Could it be a Waxwing winter?

  1. Hoping to see some here this winter!

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  6. Fingers crossed for another waxwing winter. I’d never seen one before 2010 and then I saw lots of them and a small flock even took up temporary residence two minutes walk from my house! They are exquisite.

    • Whilst I have not yet seen Waxwings this time around, the flocks are now building into impressive numbers. Glasgow, albeit a big city, has at least 800 currently roaming around it. There are of course, many other parties around the UK, but the bigger numbers are still up North and to the West. Breaking news for my garden was a visit yesterday from two Bramblings, very early for my neighbourhood. I have heard them calling nearby today as well.

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